Our vision

To help build a brighter future for the communities we serve by promoting social and economic development.


Our Mission

To be prepared for change and to readily adapt to changing dynamics in an informed, intelligent, and innovative way so as to serve the challenging dynamics of an emerging market with relevant, sustainable, authentic solutions and experiences – thereby enhancing the welfare of our stakeholders and their communities.


Our Values


We say what we mean and do what we promise. We seek to earn the trust of those we serve.


 We strive to exceed customer expectations by promoting best quality and delivering to the highest standards.


We are dedicated, and we are committed to building a better future for all.


We believe in being a pioneer by paving the way and setting an example of innovative thinking in the workplace, the industries in which we operate, and the communities and regions we serve.


Everything we do, we do it with care and respect. This is a family value which has been passed down through many generations.



Founded in 1990, UB Holding is a family-owned group of companies with a long history of achievements in agriculture. The company has enjoyed considerable success in all its initiatives, becoming one of the most prominent trade and production groups in Iraq.


UB Holding’s main activities have been focused on petroleum trading, and now the company boasts fuel storage and distribution terminals in both Erbil and Zakho as well as fuel stations operating in the Kurdish Region of Iraq under the Iraq Oil brand.

Over the years the company has expanded activity into other sectors such as water, construction, and tourism. Since the founding of the first bottling plant in 2004, two modern production sites are now in operation: one in Zakho and another in Suleymaniyah.

Since 2010 UB Holding has been active in the construction and tourism sectors. The group company Legacy Construction has been constructing various buildings and facilities, including a hotel for UB Holding’s tourism business.