Happy Parks Property Management

With best intentions and enthusiasm for serving the people in the region, UB Holding has constructed and currently operates amusement parks in Erbil, Duhok, and Zakho. 

Happy Park in Zakho is laid out on a 43,000-square meter parcel of land which includes a vast water fountain lake and many entertainment attractions such as outdoor rides, indoor play equipment, restaurants, and a 5-D cinema.

Happy Park Duhok is a combination of a modern 2.4-kilometer ropeway system connecting the city to a “social activities and amusement park.” The project is widely seen as contributing to the enthusiasm of the lovely city of Duhok.

Happy Park Erbil is currently under construction. The park, which will occupy 280,000 square meters of land located 30 kilometers from the city center, promises to be the region's premier entertainment venue for young and old alike.