Our Vision

To enrich the lives of families and communities by committing to the education of future generations. We do this by building and renovating schools for the Ministry of Education and providing exemplary students with global scholarships.

Our mission

To support those in need with basic necessities (such as food, clothing, shelter, drinking water), to build centers of spirituality and as a result establish a culture of giving and sharing in the region.

How we act

The Foundation is independent; we are not a member of any organisation or related to any other CSO.
The Foundation employs an open-door policy whereby we welcome any and all requests for assistance and support. The Foundation has a modest approach, seeking neither media attention nor any other recognition of any of the work done on behalf of others.



The UB Foundation began formal operations only recently, but its charitable roots extend back decades. Raised in a family with a long and noble history of philanthropy and community involvement, the group’s founders have been engaged in charitable activities since 1992.

Today, the Foundation is primarily focused on:


Building and renovating schools and awarding university scholarships to provide a solid education to the region’s school-age children.

Providing aid and community development efforts such as building mosques, providing drinking water and assisting internally displaced persons.


We aim to establish a culture of giving and sharing

In addition to providing for students, internally displaced persons and others in need, the Foundation also wants to serve as an example to prompt others into sponsoring and promoting charitable activities. Already, UB Foundation is influencing a generation of children and students who will grow up knowing about UB. In fact, it is likely that some graduating students will go on to work for UB.

Giving and charity starts within

UB Foundation’s intentions are purely to give something back to the local communities. Whilst the Foundation’s projects are vast and impact many, the work is carried out by a small but expanding team. Under UB Holding Vice-Chairman Khalil Nezir’s exemplary leadership, the founding family and volunteer employees of UB Holding currently carry out many of the Foundation’s activities.