There is no doubt that the quality of life for many in Iraq is in need of improvement. Previous neglect, the ravages of war and sectarian violence past and present have all left deep scars and wrought lasting damage on the region. UB Foundation’s UB AID Programme is dedicated to improving the quality of life for as many as possible and we illustrate our commitment in many meaningful ways.

UB AID provides refuge, food, water, basic hygiene and sanitary facilities to those in need, such as internally displaced persons and the poor. We also provide comfort to the communities we serve by building mosques (we recently constructed Zakho Mosque and Dohuk Mosque), assisting Christian communities, providing air conditioners to schools and more.

We are committed to assisting those in need in meaningful ways. We will continue to provide relief, including drinking water, food, and shelter. In the foreseeable future, the Foundation hopes to build water purification plants – yet another example of our enduring commitment to community development. 

The UB Foundation AID Programme provides aid to thousands of families in coordination with IDP Camps, NGOs, hospitals, municipalities, cities, villages, districts and churches. Such as: 

  • Sharya IDP Camp, Khanky IDP Camp 
  • Kurdistan Women Union, Khanky Collective, RWANGA NGO, HARIKAR NGO / Khanky Camp 
  • Duhok Emergency Hospital 
  • Orthodox Church – Duhok, Sumel Martyrs Church 
  • Zari Park Hall; Sumel and Amedy Districts; Shekhan and Amedy Municipalities; Rashanky, Banye, Shindokha, Zawita, Jambour and Malta Villages; Sharya, Bagera and Sarsink Sub-districts; Duhok City 
  • Sanharib Sport Club – Duhok 
  • Zakho and Duhok Mayor’s Offices, Sarsink and Duhok Tourism Directorates, Duhok Sport Activity Directorate

In the second half of 2014 alone UB Foundation has provided aid to thousands of families: